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Surveying, Rodding, Roping & Interduct Placement. We provide rodding, roping and innerduct of the existing underground conduit systems connecting manholes. By utilizing their experience and patience, our rodder mechanics have cleared sections of obstructed conduit inaccessible to others. These mechanics are also trained to survey circumvention routes in the event of a total duct collapse. Furthermore, we offer engineering surveys for those customers who have limited resources.


Fiber Optic Cable Placing
Hylan Datacom and Electrical has placed millions of feet of fiber optic cable in the underground Empire City Subway system, Con Edison's underground system, PSE & G's system as well as aerial and underground systems of the Long Island Railroad and Amtrak. We possess cutting- edge equipment and vehicles for both underground and aerial installations. Our vast experience has led us to implement many safeguards in underground placement of cable, assuring the integrity of the installation.


Fiber Optic Air Assisted Cable Placing
Air assisted placing is another method we use to lay fiber optic cable. This method is mainly used for fairly straight runs in aerial innerduct and underground conduit. We at Hylan Datacom and Electrical have expanded on these installations to blow cable in the underground systems in the tri state area.


Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
Hylan Datacom and Electrical is one of the largest fiber optic splicing companies in the New York area. Our splicers are thoroughly experienced in all wave fiber, true wave and disbussion shifting. We maintain certifications by Siecor and Lucent. Our equipment is state of the art, with splice labs custom built to our specifications.


Fiber Optic Testing
OTDR testing at Hylan Datacom and Electrical is one of the reasons we are so successful. Clients have called on us to locate problems in systems both new and old. We are able to accurately locate any problems and analyze the traces, producing computer printed documentation. We are GN Nettest certified and our equipment is able to test at the 1310, 1550 and now the latest, 1625 wave lengths.


Wireless Tower Electrical and Site Grounding
We work on Distributed Antenna Systems networks for cellular/PCS systems, switching centers, microwave networks, and LAN/WAN & wireless networks.  Hylan offers full support services for wireless equipment installation, support infrastructure, and maintenance. Our work includes critical power system design and installation, antenna and line installation, Central office facility grounding and lightning protection, and a host of other related services.


Central Office Facility Work
Hylan Datacom and Electrical is one of the few contractors in NY certified by Verizon and Bell South to perform work at their central office facilities, vaults and collocation spaces throughout the country.  In order to meet both Verizon and Bell South's high standards, Hylan technicians underwent rigorous training, performing several test projects before becoming Bellcore GR2981 certified. Commitment to continuous training is a major aspect of the Hylan business model.